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Speeding Is a Factor in More Than 25 Percent of Fatal Accidents in Albany

Albany Speeding Accident Lawyer

Whether driving on Central Avenue through downtown Albany or commuting from nearby Delmar or Westmere, you encounter speeding drivers every day. Unfortunately, speeding occurs so regularly that we often do not think about the dangers that come with it. However, speeding is so dangerous that it contributes to tens of thousands of accidents across the -->

What to Know About Sideswipe Accidents in Albany

Albany Sideswipe Accident Lawyer

Although there’s no such thing as a safe car accident, some accidents have greater destructive potential than others. The sideswipe is among the most dangerous accident types. It occurs when two cars (traveling either the same or opposite direction) brush up against one another with enough force to cause exterior damage. However, the initial crash -->

Distracted Driving Is the Most Common Cause of Non-Fatal Collisions in Syracuse

Syracuse Distracted Driving Lawyer

Drivers are involved in a wide range of collisions each day in and around Syracuse. Sometimes, collisions are minor crashes that result in minimal property damage and little or no injuries. Other times, however, those involved face serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries. In general, traffic accidents are preventable because most result from driver negligence. Certain driver -->

What Can I Do After a Reckless Driving Accident in Albany?

Albany Auto Crash Attorney

Reckless drivers endanger Albany drivers, passengers, and pedestrians every day. Reckless drivers may speed in heavy traffic on I-787, run red lights on Madison Ave, or make dangerous turns at the Broadway and State Street intersection. They may even text and drive on pedestrian- and cyclist-heavy roads that wind through the University at Albany campus. -->

Speeding Is a Factor in More Than 30 Percent of Syracuse Fatal Accidents

Syracuse Speeding Accident Attorney

Speeding does not directly cause accidents, but it creates conditions where accidents are more likely to occur and increases the severity of the injuries that result from those accidents, some of which may prove life-threatening. Below, we cover everything you need to know about speeding as it relates to traffic accidents. This information will provide -->

Rear-End Collisions in Albany

Albany Auto Accident Lawyer

A rear-end collision is one of the most common of all traffic accidents. Rear-end collisions have a reputation as relatively minor incidents—the typical fender bender, for example. There’s some truth to that stereotype, but it also fails to account for the numerous rear-end collisions that cause serious injuries, and even fatalities, every year in Albany -->

What Makes Road Rash Injuries Especially Bad in Syracuse?

Syracuse Road Rash Lawyer

Pedestrians injured in accidents with motor vehicles, motorcycle riders injured in such accidents, and individuals thrown from their vehicles during an accident can all suffer severe road rash injuries. While bike riders may accept road rash from minor collisions as part of the sport, people injured in auto accidents may suffer much more severe road -->

Albany Drunk Driving Accidents: What You Need to Know

Albany DUI Accident Lawyers

Drunk drivers ramp up the risk associated with many auto accidents. While New York aims to decrease drunk driving risk with its DWAI program, that program does not eliminate the risk of drunk driving accidents in the state, including in Albany. New York Drunk Driving Stats Each year, New York experiences an estimated 300 alcohol-impaired -->

What Are the Most Common Causes of Albany Car Accidents?

Albany Auto Wreck Attorney

Car accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons and challenges. Some of those challenges fall under the driver’s control—driving while distracted, for example. Others, including potentially dangerous weather conditions, might fall outside of the driver’s control. Albany drivers may face hazards on the roads, from increased traffic around the Albany Mall to potentially -->

The Unique Reasons for Truck Accidents in Albany

Albany Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving commercial trucks are not uncommon in Albany, where the distance from the country’s export centers, the weather, and other issues can lead to serious accidents. Whether you’re taking I-87 north to Canada, I-90 east to Boston, or traveling in another direction, you risk injuries in an accident with a commercial truck. Such preventable -->

6 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Syracuse

Syracuse Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle crashes are dangerous events that often lead to injuries and sometimes fatalities. Even when bikers wear a helmet, leather, and other proper safety gear, they still face potentially severe injuries when accidents occur. Bikers simply do not have the same protection as individuals in cars, trucks, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles. As a result, -->